Like any parent, you may have some questions about your baby.

Does your baby have Down Syndrome

Welcoming your baby into the world will bring you and your family joy.  Remember that your new baby is a baby first.  Delight in the fact that the child is a baby, and needs everything any new baby does.  The baby needs all the love, cuddling, soothing that you have to offer.

All babies are different and it’s important to talk with your baby’s doctor if you have any medical concerns.

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National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Brochures to Download

Ever wonder what to say or what not to say?

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Helpful Links

Below is a list of resources that our parents have found helpful. We are fortunate that new resources are being available all the time. If you see something we missed please let us know. Alternatively you can download a Reference PDF with all organizations listed on this page.

Name Address
Brevard County Parks and Recreation Persons with Disabilites Programs – North
BCPR Central Area Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services – Central
BCPR South Area Therapeutic Recreation & Inclusion Services – South
Children’s Medical Services/Early Steps
Parrish Children’s Center
Family Liaison Project
Harmony Farms, Inc. 
Space Coast Early Intervention Center 
Special Olympics of Brevard
Walk on Water Ministires
The Scott Center for Autism Treatment 
S.O.A.K. Supporting Our ASD Kids
Name Address
Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida
Hope Haven
The IEP Advocate
Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida
Name Address
National Down Syndrome Congress
National Down Syndrome Society
Band of Angels
International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association
Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome
Mosaic Down
Down Syndrome Pregnancy
Down Syndrome : Health Issues – Dr. Len Leshin
Basic American Sign Language Dictionary
Sign With Me – Infant Sign Language
Deaf Linx
Deaf Websites
American Sign Language Resource Guide
R-Word Spread the Word to End the Word
Down Syndrome Association of Brevard